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Definition of Sexual Harasment:

The following constitute sexual harassment:

When there are unwelcomed sexual advances, and verbal, non-verbal and/ or physical conduct such as loaded comments, remarks or jokes, letters, phone calls or e-mails, gestures, exhibition of pornography, lurid stares, physical contact, stalking, sounds or display of a derogatory nature.

When submission to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature are, implicitly or explicitly, made a term or condition of teaching/guidance, employment, participation or evaluation of a women’s engagement in any University activity.

When a person/s uses, with a sexual purpose, the body or any part of it or any object as an extension of body in relation to another women without the latter’s consent or against that women’s will.

When deprecatory comments, conduct or any such behavior is based on the gender identity/sexual orientation of the women and/or when the classroom or other public forum of the University is used to denigrate/discriminate against women(s), or create a hostile environment on the basis of a women’s gender identity/sexual orientation.

All the above are perceived as having the purpose and/ or effect of interfering with a women’s performance or of creating an intimidating, hosting, or offensive environment.


  1. ‘Campus’ includes all places of work and residence in the Goa University or any College or Institutions affiliated to Goa University. It includes all places of instruction, research and administration, as well as hotel, health centres,sports grounds, staff quarters, public places(including parks, streets and lanes) and canteens, etc. on Goa University campus or the campus of any College or institution affiliated to Goa University.
  2. ‘Committee’ means Committee for the prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace (henceforth CPSHW).
  3. ‘Contractor’  includes but is not limited to any private person offering residential, food and other facilities to Goa University.
  4. ‘Disciplinary Authority’ is the competent authority to take disciplinary action against the delinquent.
  5. ‘Members of the University’ includes students, teachers and non-teaching staff of the University.
  6. ‘Non-Teaching Staff’ includes any person on the staff of the university or any of the College/institutions affiliated to it, who is not included in the category of teacher. It shall also include contract workers, and daily wage employee.
  7. ‘Outsider’ includes any person who is not a member of the University or a resident.
  8. ‘Resident’   includes any person who is a temporary or permanent resident of any of the accommodations or premises allotted to an employee by the Goa University or by any of the College or institutions affiliated to it.
  9. ‘Students’ includes regular students as well as ex-students of Goa University.
  10. ‘Teachers’ includes any person on the staff of the University or any of the College/institutions affiliated to it, who is appointed to a teaching and/or research post, whether full time, temporary, ad-hoc, part-time, visiting, honorary, or on special duty or deputation and shall include employees employed on a casual or project basis.


The rules and regulations outlined in this policy shall be applicable to all complaints made of Sexual harassment.

The sexual harassment could be:

  1. By a member of the university against any female member of the University irrespective of whether the harassment is alleged to have taken place within or outside the campus.
  2. By a resident against a female member of the University or made by a female member against a resident irrespective of whether sexual harassment is alleged to have taken place within or outside the campus.
  3. By an outsider/contractor against a female member of the University or by a member of the University against an outsider/contractor if the harassment is alleged to have taken place within the campus. In such cases the CPSHW may recommend that the University/College authorities initiate action by making a complaint with the appropriate authority. Further the CPSHW may actively assist and provide available recourses to the complainant in pursuing the complaint.
  4. By a member of the University against a female outsider/contractor if the sexual harassment is alleged to have taken place outsider the campus. In such cases the CPSHW may recommend that the University/College authorities initiate action by making a complaint with the appropriate authority. Further the CPSHW may actively assist and provide available recourses to the complainant in pursuing the complaint.


  1. The College/University shall suspend the alleged harasser after a prima facie case has been established.
  2. The Head of the institution upon receipt of the inquiry report shall refer the same to the Governing Body/Executive Council (EC) and institute disciplinary action on the basis of the recommendation of the CPSHW under relevant service rules.
  3. The disciplinary action will be commensurate with the nature of the violation.
  4. In the case of University/College employees, disciplinary action could be in the form of:
    1. Warning
    2. Written Apology
    3. Bond of Good behavior
    4. Adverse remarks in the Confidential report
    5. Debarring from supervisory duties
    6. Denial of membership of statutory bodies
    7. Denial of re-employment
    8. Stopping of increments/promotion
    9. Reverting, demotion
    10. Suspension
    11. Dismissal
    12. Any other relevant mechanism.
  5. In case of students , disciplinary action  could be in the form of:
    1. Warning
    2. Written apology
    3. Bond of Good behavior
    4. Debarring entry into a hostel/campus
    5. Suspension for a specific period of time
    6. Withholding results
    7. Debarring from exams
    8. Debarring from contesting elections
    9. Debarring from holding posts such as member of Committee of Programmes, membership of college union,etc.
    10. Expulsion
    11. Denial of Admission
    12. Declaring the harasser as ”persona non grata” for a stipulate period of time
    13. Any other relevant mechanism. 


PERSONS WHO CAN MAKE A COMPLAINT: The victim/s of sexual harassment or any other person on behalf of the victim/s.

PERSONS WHO CAN RECEIVE COMPLAINTS: CPSHW secretariat (or individual members), Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Head of the Institution, Head of the Department, teaching or non teaching staff member of the University/College/affiliated institution.



This is the most vibrant and active unit in our College. Every year around 250 members come together for the fulfillment of their social obligation and endeavour to create a socially responsible citizenship among our students. They conduct various programmes during the year which includes Blood Donation Camp, N.S.S. Special Camp, Social Service Projects, Tree Plantation, Campaign Against Social Problems, National Youth Week Celebrations, Community Health and Educational Projects, Women Empowerment etc. The NSS unit of our college in Co-operation with Blood Bank, Goa Medical College is organizing the blood donation camp since 1997 onwards. Every year almost 60 to 80 students donate blood. Every year the best N.S.S. boy volunteer and girl volunteer are honoured with special awards.


      Shri Rajendra Kumbharjuvenkar     - Chief NSS Programme Officer

      Miss Sindura Parab                      - NSS Programme Officer

      Shri Pramod Sapkal                     - NSS Programme Officer         


This is a very important unit of our College which functions under the guidance of Managing Committee and Principal of College. It provides information to the students about various career options available to them. In addition, advice and guidance is provided to the students in choosing specializations and higher studies as per their aptitude and ability. Lectures are conducted to motivate and inspire students for taking up rewarding career options. College also helps meritorious students in finding placement in the industry. This cell also conducts periodic Lectures, Seminars and workshops for the benefit of Higher Secondary students in Bicholim Taluka.  


          Shri Pravin Sawant                         - Chairman

          Mrs. AnuradhaNaik                        - Member

          Shri Pramod Sapkal                        - Member


This club was started in our College to uncover the hidden theatrical talents among the students. It conducts periodical workshops in acting in association with State Level Theatre groups. The participation of our College in various drama and other theatre competitions is looked after by this club. Our students have won laurals in acting at State and College level competitions! through hard work of Theatre Club. Besides this, the club conducts street plays against social evils, personality development programmes and various other cultural programmes to inculcate a feeling of pride among our students about our rich cultural heritage.


The nature loving students of our College have come together to form nature club. This club comprising of approximate 80 students every year is a highly inspired unit. It conducts film shows, exhibitions and awareness programmes to highlight the importance of nature in our lives. With the objectives of creating love for nature among our students, the club conducts summer and winter hikes, monsoon trekking expeditions, etc. The club also organises rallies against various types of environmental pollutions, degradations. The motto of nature club is to spread message about co-existing with nature to the various sections of the student community and society in general.


     Shri Satyavan Harmalkar         - Advisor

     Miss SinduraParab                   - Member  


This council provides representation to the students in various activities related to their functioning. The members of the council are elected by the students through secret ballot. The main objective of the council is to foster a spirit of leadership and confidence among the students. The Students Council has a major role to play in the activities of academics, sports, entertainment, cultural and other social activities. The best council member for every academic year is felicitated and offered a special award and scholarship instituted by the past council. The main programmes conducted by the council include Cultural Feast, Fun Week, Teacher's Day Celebration, Annual Social Gathering, Picnic, Hike etc.

Students Council comprises of the elected representatives of the students i.e. General Secretary. The University Representative and the Class Representatives. Teachers in charge of the co-curricular activities will also be members of the College Council. The Council members are expected to co-operate fully with the college authorities for the smooth functioning of the College.

The Students’ Council is a non-statutory body and therefore it is purely discretionary to have the Councilor not. The Council may also be nominated by the Principal. The Council may be dissolved any time during the academic year on grounds of any serious breach of trust. The College does not own any responsibilities for any action of the Council which is not in accordance with the decision taken at the formal meetings of the council. The minutes of the meetings must be written and approved by the Chairman of the Council.

        Shri Pravin Sawant                           - Chairman         

          Miss Sona Keni                               - Vice-Chairperson  

Students Council Members

(2015 - 2016)

SR. No Name of the Student Designation
1. Yakub Karim Khan General Secretary
2. Kruttika Jaiprakash Veragi Cultural Secretary
3. Sushant Shantaram Gaonkar Sports Secretary
4. Anjali Anant Fatarpekar Ladies Representative
5.  Sushila Raja Telgiri Magazine Editor
6.  Daryll Patrick Mendes CR (F.Y. A)
7. Madhura Uday Joshi CR (F.Y. B)
8.  Poorvi Prasad Sadekar CR (F.Y. C)
9. Suragra Shridhar Kamat CR (S.Y. A)
10. Suhas Suresh Pednekar CR (S.Y. B)
11. Stansa Nora Norberto Vaz CR (S.Y. C)
12. Surabhi Satyavan Parab CR (T.Y. A)
13.  Vinod Soma Pawar CR (T.Y. B)
14. Nehal Nandkumar Gaonkar CR (T.Y. C)
15. Pratiksha Premanad Ghadi CR (M.Com I)
16. Kusum Govindlal Vishwakarma CR (M.Com II)
17. Naresh Narayan Marasula UCR (F.Y.B.Com)
18.  Gaurav Gurudas Bandekar UCR (S.Y.B.Com)
19. Tushar Arun Kelkar UCR (T.Y.B.Com)
20. Priyanka Prakash Gawas UCR (M.Com I)
21. Swapnil Shanekar Kanolkar UCR (M.Com II)