Examination Rules

OC-45.4 Scheme of Examination (B. A. / B. Com. / B. Sc.)

OC-45.4.1. There shall be two modes of evaluation of the academic performance of the students

offering the B.A. /B.Com. B.Sc. Programme, namely, the Intra-Semester Assessment (ISA) and the Semester End Examination (SEE), hereafter mentioned as ISA and SEE respectively, for convenience. A Student shall be required to appear for ISA as well as SEE.

(a)Ths ISA(Intra-Semester Assessment ) shall be conducted twice in agiven semester once through atest and the other by using alternate modes of evaluation such as assignment,presentation,orals etc.

(b)The ISA tests shall carry 20% of maximum marks allotted for the paper/ Programme.

(c) Every College shall appoint a three member committee to monitor the ISA in the college. There would no remission in workload or remuneration for carrying out this work.

(d) The test shall preferably be completed by the end of July for odd Semesters and end of January for even Semesters. Students who fail to appear for the test due to a genuine reason shall be given another opportunity by the end of August/February on a date predetermined by the College. The other mode of ISA will be completed as decided by the teacher but before the end of the semester.

(e) A student who does not appear for a minimum of two ISA of a paper shall not be eligible to answer SEE of that paper.

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