Orientation on Exam Module of DHE Portal

The orientation on Examination Module of IAIMS DHE Portal was organized

by Examination Committee on Saturday 15 th January 2022 at computer Lab. Mr.

Sujay Borkar, System Administrator of the college was the Resource Person for

the orientation. He explained the Exam Process, Entry of Exam Attendance,

Entry of ISA marks, Entry of Internal Practical marks, Entry of Theory marks,

Uploading of ISA and Theory marks, Exam reports, etc. and other functions like

download files, upload files, Roll back, editing in excel files, etc. Mrs. Jhimli

Adhikari, IAIMS Coordinator demonstrated regarding the generation of various

reports such as overall attendance report, student’s attendance report, section

wise attendance report, etc., She also explained the Learning Management

System available on DHE portal. In the beginning, Dr. Bipin Bandekar,

Chairman, Examination committee welcomed all the staff members and

proposed vote of thanks at the end. Mr. Rajesh Amonkar, Vice-Principal also

addressed and requested teachers to comply with the modules of IAIMS DHE

portal. 17 teaching and non-teaching staff members attended the orientation.

Dr. Bipin Bandekar,

Chairman, Examination committee